2275MA X 22070-OS Interlocking Support Post


2275MA X 22070-OS Interlocking Support Post

Support posts for added protection. They are typically used for free-standing flood barriers on applications such as – Protecting oversized doors, generators & power supplies. Outer Sleeve(22070-OS) for below the ground. The #2275MA X 22070-OS has a few inches without channels that are meant to be directly inserted and secured into the 22070-OS: Outer Sleeve for added support beneath the surface. To be purchased with #5029 or #5129 Interlocking Flood Barrier as well as #2275X22070-OS.

  • MA: Mill Aluminum

  • Easy and affordable flood protection
  • Heavy-duty, rust-free, marine-grade components
  • Guards are easy to install, remove and store.
  • Exceeds FEMA & NFIP flood-proofing certification standards


Interlocking Component: For every 48″ in width, a #2275 interlocking component secures the panels.

Seals: Sponge Rubber (SPR) lines the channels.  Our seals are composed of high-density rubber extrusions for increased strength with a low hardness that provides better compression.

Hardware: #10 x 1-1/4″ FHPH with plastic expansion tube anchors. Snap covers for safety provided for the top of the channels and for the mounting holes.

Installation: To be installed on Hollow Metal frames, Aluminum frames, Wood frames, concrete, brick or metal surface outside the frame. For more information, please download our installation instructions.

Floor Surface: We recommend our #319 Threshold for the best seal. It is a flat 1/4″ x 3″ beveled aluminum plate.

Door Flood Barrier

Legacy’s Door Flood Barrier utilizes an innovative design that provides a removable, lightweight, cost-efficient, and reliable flood protection for openings compatible with most buildings. This product is engineered to provide a watertight guard to protect and prevent water ingress through doors and windows.

Compression seals, made of closed cell rubber extrusion (SPR), are used on the bottom and the sides of the guard. This SPR aids in creating a watertight seal around the perimeter of the product. It has a sponge-like interior that is best for compression against uneven surfaces and has a skin on the exterior that prevents water leakage. The aluminum channels used in the Flood-Guard are made of extruded aluminum, and the guard itself is made of 5052 type marine grade aluminum.

The guard is used to deflect unwanted water from penetrating doors and windows. It is also removable and can be conveniently stored. Upon news of rain or flooding, simply drop down the guard into the pre-installed aluminum brackets and hand tighten the screws.


Legacy offers a growing list of products such as automatic door bottoms, thresholds, saddles, and more. Due to changing demand, we are always adding more to our line. Be sure to visit our products page for up to date product lists, cut sheets, drawings and pages. We engineer and test our products for easy, exact installation, with you in mind. Since our #1 target is to provide products, we are creating new for you. In addition, Legacy designs and develops all products in New York, USA. Our standard towers over our, making Legacy the choice for high and long life. 2275MA X 22070-OS – Interlocking Component for Flood Barriers